When dressing for a first date it is important to remember that women have a completely different perspective on clothing than men do.

For instance, if you dress too skimpy the guy will assume you are easy and will put out the first night upon meeting you. Not the best way to come off, unfortunately, most women see dressing up as a way of having fun and a way to express themselves. But young confident women who use a form of expression through clothing, often times get viewed as risque. But they just wanna dress sexier because they are comfortable in their own skin, and are excited about what they are strutting around in! Guys respond differently to women when they see a hot young female in a tight revealing dress. Presentation is everything!

1. Perfume: Always remember to wear a sexy smelling fragrance that captures the guys attention. It also exudes pheromones that make the guy want you more and that is a bonus.

2. Nice Heels: Remember when picking out a pair of heels to wear make sure they are something that you will be able to walk in. Not to mention, still looking and feeling good for however long your date lasts for. You don’t want to be cringed in the middle of the date due to aching feet.

3. Comfortable sexy dress: Pick and outfit that will grab his attention but not look too risque. We want to go for the I’m sexy and strong but classy approach as well. We want him to respect you at the same time and understand that you can still be sexy, classy, and respectable.

4. Confidence: Confidence is definitely key! I can’t stress this enough! If you want to the guy to think you are all the things you present yourself as when you walk through the door; you must act the part as well. Don’t forget to have eye contact as well that also helps a lot. Always remember you are sexy and you don’t worry you got this!! Now you are ready for that hot date!